In loving memory of our Brothers who are gone,  but will never be forgotten.


I stood and I watched as my Brother rode by
It wasn't the way it should be
He rode not his bike, but in a long black cage
And he rode by himself not with me.

But I shed not a tear for this Brother of mine
For he lived free and loved his lifestyle
So ride on my Brother and rest in peace
Till we meet again after while

And when my time comes to take that last ride
You can bet it'll be with a smile
Cause I love to ride and I'll be going home
So I'll enjoy it to the very last mile

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George S. Barlow (Retro) Master Sergeant (retired) U.S. Air Force Jan 14,1945 to Sept 3, 2003 I knew George 52 of the 58 years of his life. Although there were times we didn't see or hear from each other for several years we remained friends. I drifted South from our home in Tennessee, and George drifted West. He made stops in Nam twice in his travels. When we both drifted back to Tennessee we became close again.,,  George was a unique person. I can't ever remember when he didn't have that big smile. He never met a stranger. He could walk into a room full of people he had never met and when he left he knew everyone and they knew him. Even toward the end when the pain had to be bad, that smile was always present.,  He liked nothing more than just jumping on his scooter and heading off somewhere. He would say,"let's go this way and see where we end up.",  I have lost friends before, but no one has left a hole in my life like this one is gonna leave. Ride on my Brother, Now you are Free.

Your Pard,

Dear Sister Hathor may you forever ride in peace
Our thoughts of you will never wane or cease.

You gave us something that is very hard to find
You gave us your love and support for all time.

But to see you again we know we must wait
Until you greet us one day at heavens pearly gate.

Rest in peace Sister Hathor

May you RIP and ride with the Angels Brother Stu,
you may have left us, but you will never be forgotten.

Donald "Duke" Cubberly 1952 - 2004

Beloved friend and Brother of Brother Scottfree

Duke was a great man. He always treated us and loved us like his own. My Mom lost her husband and best friend. I could not have asked for a better Dad!!!!! He was a very unique man with a golden heart. Always there for his family and his friends in good and in bad times, without having to ask twice. If you ever needed a laugh he was your man! We are going to miss him terribly. For Christmas this year we got a star named after him, so if you need to talk to him, just look up.

We Love You Dad,

Myles J. Pullman JR 1943 - 2003

Myles was one hell of a guy. He was definitely an ornery, COBBY, happy-go-lucky, ball busting, grey bearded bastard in his own rite. His death was not motorcycle related, among other problems, he just couldn't breath anymore and finally let go. He was a Vietnam War Veteran, a good friend to all who knew him and a fun guy to swap stories with at the bar. One of his favorite spots in Florida (I guess would be considered a haunt now, you know he'll still be hanging around there), during Bike Week and Biketoberfest was the Iron horse Saloon. Myles told it like he saw it and never missed an opportunity to flip anyone he knew, the finger when they'd least expect it. It was one of his ways of saying hello. "Your finally free Brother. No more pain, no more struggling to get around or to get a breath, just blue skies and good company with all of our other fallen Brothers. Go easy on the BIG man upstairs, he may not appreciate the same sense of humor we all shared. You are sorely missed by everyone who knew you. The first one is for you during free beer hour at the IHS

Scottfree 03

Vince "Jester" Bruno 1948-2002

Vince had just recently retired from the Phoenix Police Dept when he found out he was terminal. Throughout the next 9 months while going through the various surgeries and treatments he never let it get him down.. Even bought a New Bike. Jester was instrumental in the START UP of the Phoenix Chapter of STAR Touring and Riding and was a friend to all he met. His passing has hit both the local Chapter of STAR and his old precinct hard. On a humorous note at his funeral on one side of the chapel were all the LEO's and on the other side all the Bikers sharing something in common a great emptiness that one of theirs had passed.


Gary R. Gebhardt age 54, died on Saturday, May 24, 2003 in San Antonio, TX. He was born May 10, 1949 in Grand Rapids, MI. Gary loved being a private pilot and riding his motorcycle. Dear friend and Brother of Jim (Crawdad) Criswell,  He will be sadly missed

Bob "Ole Bob" Nissley" 1949-2012

Robert (Ole Bob) Nissley – 3/21/1949 ~ 4/16/2011 – was a Full Brother of the Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers. He was a veteran, having served his country as a member of the US Navy. Ole Bob was known to travel many miles to different parts of the USA on his beloved 2004 Yamaha Road Star. We will greatly miss seeing you and that beautiful Road Star coming down the road, Brother.