or aka
"The incredible journey of RoadHog's bike"

This story and journey began on October the 7th. of  2004 while Brother RoadHog and Brother Gary aka "Old Man of the Mountains" were conversing via email. Brother RoadHog was explaining to Brother Gary that he had been laid off work since June 28th. and had lost his car and bike, Brother Gary explained that his wife's old bike was gathering dust in their garage. Well a deal was struck for Sister CJ's old bike (Actually Sister CJ decided to make me a gift of the bike, thank you Sister so very much) and this simple act turned out to be one of the greatest shows of true Brotherhood I have ever had the opportunity to witness in many years.

The problem was we needed to get this bike from the New Hampshire area where Brother Gary and Sister CJ lives, to the New Orleans area where I (Brother RoadHog) live. Well not having the funds on hand to have the bike crated and shipped to me, I went on the BGBB Forum and posted my dilemma and asked if anyone could help. I received so many responses so fast that it was hard to keep up with all of the Brothers and Support members that were offering help and advice on how to accomplish this task and get my bike to me. There were many of my Brothers that offered help and advice and I appreciate and thank each and everyone of them, so please do not feel that I have slighted any of you but I have only mentioned the ones that were directly involved in this fantastic journey.

Brother WindBurn (BGBB Support Member) offered to pick the bike up, which he did and took it to Brother Herpers place in Massachusetts where Brother Herper stored the bike until he could take it on November the 13th. to Brother Retreads place in Pennsylvania. Brother Retread stored the bike until he could take it to Richmond VA. on the 20th. of November, where he met with a Member of the "Rumble Sisters" Carla (Ironheadbike) who took it to Roanoke VA. and stored it until (BGBB Support Member) Sister Donna aka Frog Biker could pick it up. Sister Donna took the bike to Chattanooga TN. where Brother JTHorse (BGBB Support Member) picked it up and brought it back to his place in North GA. The next day Brother JTHorse contacted me and made arrangements for our meet in Gulfport MS. he let me know that he would be on his way to Gulfport MS. with my bike on the morning of the 18th.On Saturday the 18th. of December 2004,

 Brother Wizzzard and L. J. a very close and dear friend of mine met Brother Horse in Gulfport MS. and after a great meeting and a few cold ones, I took possession of my bike. (What a Fantastic Journey this bike has had) All of this that I have just described was done by my Brothers and Sisters at their own expense and with no expectations of anything in return, they did this for a Brother simply because he needed help and was their Brother. This my Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Esteemed Visitors has to be one of the greatest examples of the "Old Ways" and true Brotherhood I've had the pleasure of witnessing in many years. I have been very humbled by this outpouring of Brotherhood by everyone that had a part in this fantastic bike journey, as well as all of you that offered your support and well wishes for the success of this endeavor. This endeavor grew to become much much more then just a group of people transporting a bike for RoadHog, it became an incredible act of Brotherhood.

I hope we will make this the first BGBB Tradition, the celebration every December 18th. of what I would like to call "BGBB Brotherhood Day" to honor all of the great Brothers and Sisters that answered the call of a Brother. All of you here in the BGBB are the greatest bunch of folks ever gathered into any group of bikers, this Brotherhood must be preserved for all the future bikers who will come along far after old-timers like me are long gone. Below are some Photographs of the bike and it's journey and all the Brothers, Sisters and friends that were a part of this great act of Brotherhood.
P.S. This bike has become something very special to me (Thank you Sister CJ) and if it is possible for an inanimate object to take on the essence of people it comes in contact with, this bike has certainly done so and I feel the presence of all who made it possible for it to be in my possession each and every time I'm around it.

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The first five photographs are at Brother and Sisters Foote's place in New Hampshire

Photographs 6-7-8 and 9 are in Mass. at Brother Herpers.


Photographs 10 and 11 are at Brother retreads in PA.
Photo 12 is in Richmond VA. where Brother Retread and Carla met.
Photographs 13 thru 20 are in Roanoke at Carla's where Sister Donna picked up the bike


photographs 21 thru 24 are in Chattanooga TN. where Sister Donna turned
the bike over to Brother Horse for the final leg of it's "Fantastic Journey"


Photographs 25 thru 35 are of the final bike transfer in
Gulfport MS. from Brother JTHorse to Brother RoadHog




Below is a map of the route that RoadHog's bike traveled on it's way from New Hampshire to Louisiana and the mileage of each participant
plus the total miles that the bike traveled. This map and mileage chart was created and provided by our good Brother Herper, thank you Brother.


I hope you have enjoyed following "RoadHog's Fantastic Bike Journey" and appreciate
the great act of Brotherhood we have all been fortunate enough to witness or be a part of.